Stone Coated Steel Roof

A Luxury Roof

What is Stone Coated Steel?

Stone coated steel roofing was revolutionized during World War II when soldiers applied crushed stones to metal roof sheets in an attempt to prolong roof life.

Advanced technology has made metal roofing materials one of today’s most attractive choices for roofing. The 26-gauge Galvalume® steel is covered with 100% acrylic over-glaze. An attractive stone coating (natural granite stone chips) is embedded in a UV resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond.

A Metro roof gives the charm of wood shake without the associated problems of splitting, warping or increased fire risk. Choosing a Metro roof provides durability and low maintenance for a more luxurious roof.

stone coated steel roofing
Metro Roof Products – Smart Roofs For Smart People™
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • 120 mph Wind Warranty
  • Class 4 Hail Resistant
  • Lightweight and Walkable
  • Class A Fire Rating non-combustible
  • Above sheathing ventilation

Metro Steel Quick Facts:

  • Has been produced for over 55 years

  • Above deck ventilation reduces energy costs

  • Walkable

  • Roof will not rust

  • Lightweight when compared to traditional shingle roofing

  • Noise minimized by air space and stone coating

  • Proven wind resistance of 120mph

  • Natural granite stone chips

  • Non-combustible fire rating

  • Homeowner insurance discounts may be available

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