Fiber Cement siding-sm

Along with our roofing and gutter services, Tri-County offers a variety of high quality, low maintenance siding options.

Tri-County will provide you with an estimate and work with you to determine which products are best for your home and your budget. Whether your need is vinyl siding repairs or fiber cement replacement siding, we are skilled in a variety of products and applications.


An underdeck drainage system is put in place to redirect rainwater and melting snow into your home’s gutter system. This, not only instantly adds value to your home, it creates a clean and dry living area under your raised deck.


Soffit and Fascia not only gives a finished look to your home’s exterior, they provide your home’s roofing system with essential ventilation functions. Proper ventilation reduces excess moisture build up that over time can cause rotting and decay.

In the summer, ventilation will help to cut energy costs by lowering attic temperatures and thus preventing the need of excess air conditioning.