Tri-County Enterprises has been installing quality seamless gutters since 1997

We use the thickest materials available for our gutter systems and offer a lifetime warranty.

In addition to our regular gutter systems, we also offer:

  • A gutter cleaning program
  • Ice Defier Heated Gutters (offered to homes that are prone to ice dams and have icicle problems.
  • Underground Drainage – solves drainage problems by installing underground tiles that connect to the downspouts and deliver rain water away from your foundation.


Want to learn more about preventing clogged gutters with about our gutter cover solutions?

Gutter Cover Solutions


System Details

The gutter slope is measured precisely, finding the proper balance between function and appearance. This ensures water will flow properly through the system. (If there is improper drainage, moisture can cause underlayment rot and may also cause ice dams in the winter)
We miter every corner, ensuring that you only have 1 seam per corner (some other contractors use “pre-made corners,” which have 3 seams per corner.) Each seam in the gutter increases the risk of leaks.
We use hidden hangers to attach the gutters to your home – these cannot be seen from the ground. They are secured to the house with a screw.
We always suggest larger 3×4 downspouts enabling more water flow when needed.
Downspout Extension:
The downspout extension is used to direct water away from your foundation. Our improvement on the typical downspout extension is to add a hinge, which enables you to “flip” it up and out of the way when you need to mow or trim the lawn.