Our Gutter Covers are available in a variety of coverage and cost to fit your budget

Gutter covers can be fitted on 5″ or 6″ gutters
Gutter covers can be added to a new or existing gutter system


Let Tri-County experts:

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Types of Gutter Covers

Xtreme Mesh

Xtreme Mesh –
Xtreme Mesh is designed to move vast amounts of water into your gutter system while at the same time keeping debris out.
Xtreme Mesh Facts:

  • made from heavy gauge aluminum
  • covered with a stainless steel mesh
  • available in 5 and 6 foot lengths
  • available in white or black
  • 15 year transferable warranty
Leaf Free

LeaFree™ –
LeaFree works on the principle of water adhesion. The design allows water to enter the gutter while pushing the leaves and debris over where they fall to the ground below.
LeaFree Facts:

  • made for heavy gauge aluminum
  • handles up to 14 inches of rain per hour
  • will attach to any gutter system
  • helps prevent snow and ice build up in the gutters
  • comes with a 20 year no clog warranty
Gutter RX

Gutter Rx
It has been said that Gutter RX is the cure for you clogged gutters. Gutter RX is easy to install on all gutter and is a great choice for applications when the building has a steel, clay tile, or rubber roof because it is attached on the front and back of the gutter and doesn’t affect the roof at all.
Gutter RX Facts:

  • made from aluminium
  • has self cleaning ridges that allows leaves and debris to blow off
  • invisible from the ground
  • strengthens the entire gutter system
  • comes with a 20 year no clog warranty
Small Hole Leaf Guard

Small Hole Leafguard –
Small Hole Leaf Guard keeps all of the leaves out of your gutter system and is a great economical choice for homeowners who aren’t troubled by pine needles or maple seeds.
Small Hole Leaf Guard Facts:

  • made from aluminum
  • comes in 5 foot lengths
  • offered in unpainted mill finish
  • may require a small amount of maintenance


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