Receive A Free Roof Inspection

At Tri-County, a roof “inspection” is different than a roof “estimate”.

free roof Inspections by tri-county roofing, get a free roof inspection today

Tri-County will provide you with a free roof inspection written report, with photos. It is a document based on the opinion of the trained professional, an analysis of the exterior roof and structure as captured by walking on the roof and photo documentation, assessing the condition and life of a roof. These inspections may be beneficial to you when buying or selling a house or working with your insurance company during a time of storm damage.

Roof inspections during the winter season depend on weather conditions. It is not safe for you or our employees to be outside on the roof when it’s covered with ice. We will work with you to schedule inspections when the weather is cooperating. We will accommodate requests for inside attic inspections as well, addressing your ice dam concerns.


Common Roof Failure Photos:

Below are some photos of roofs with failures that will cause internal damage to your home. If you think you have this type of damage please contact Tri-County Roofing, your friendly, dedicated roofing professionals.